Cloud-based accounting software to meet the needs of parishes, schools and diocesan organizations.


WeGather ChMS partners with ParishSOFT Accounting to provide state-of-the-art, cloud-based software to meet the needs of parishes, schools and diocesan organizations.

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Ledger and Payables

ParishSOFT Ledger and Payables is a secure, web-based fund accounting system that delivers instant access to the church and school financial information. With Ledger and Payables, you can easily connect to your accounting records from any smartphone, tablet, or desktop, so you’ll always have access to the most up-to-date financial records.


Purchase Order

Creating purchase orders has never been easier. ParishSOFT's integrated, web-based purchase order tracking for parishes and schools makes it easy to create purchase orders for vendors in seconds.



Securely process church and school payroll with ease with ParishSOFT's powerful web-based payroll system. Specifically designed for Catholic parishes and schools, ParishSOFT Payroll makes it easy for everyone on staff – even non-experts – to manage payroll, deductions, benefits, special clergy allowances, and tracking personal time.


Accounts Receivable

ParishSOFT Accounts Receivable tracks invoices, due dates, payments, vendors, deposits and more. And all transactions are connected with your chart of accounts, providing an even more complete and accurate picture of your true financial position.


Diocesan Overview

Financial consolidation is the command center that provides complete, dynamic financial reporting for all parishes within the diocese.


Fixed Assets

Large and small organizations need to track and manage fixed assets within the parish. ParishSOFT’s Fixed Assets program lets you manage buildings, land, vehicles, equipment, furniture and more, ensuring you always have accurate and detailed records.


Ledger Report Writer

ParishSOFT Ledger Report Writer allows you to create custom statements of activity and financials positions from your chart of accounts, anytime, anywhere.

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